All-Tex has something new for you!

In the ever changing supply business, All-Tex Supply, Inc. has added some important technology for you the customer. Whether you are a walk-in, contractor, or long-time customer, we try to be leading edge for you. All-Tex Supply is introducing Datacolor. Today’s competitive paint and coatings industry depends on globally distributed manufacturing to rapidly respond to customers’ needs while driving down costs. This technology helps you standardize processes to guarantee color integrity. The Datacolor Paint family of feature-rich color matching systems quickly and easily match even hard-to-match shades, dark colors and glossy samples. Formulate colors to match virtually any sample. Help visualize chosen colors and accent shades. Provide speedy service through faster, better matching and has sheen determination, allowing you to match sheen as well as color. All-Tex has also incorporated their Datacolor 110R technology that extends the reach of color matching to the customer site with this remote device. All-Tex Supply, Inc. is listening. We hear you. Come in and check this out!

Stay tuned to this channel for further breaking news….there is not much telling what All-Tex Supply is “cooking” up next!

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