All-Tex Supply Holiday Schedule


All-Tex will close at 3:00 PM on Wednesday, November 26.

Thursday, November 27. Closed.

Friday, November 28, Closed.


All-Tex will close at 3:00 PM on Wednesday, December 24.

Thursday, December 25, Closed.

Friday, December 26, Closed.

New Years:

All-Tex will close at 3:00 PM on Wednesday, December 31.

Thursday, January 1, Closed.

Friday, January 2, Open for business.

From all of us here at All-Tex Supply, Inc. we wish everyone a happy and safe holiday time!


News Flash: Open House’s a HUGE success!!!

All-Tex Supply, Inc. just completed THREE very successful Open House’s at our Austin, San Antonio, and Oklahoma City locations! Royce Farris, Don Tice and company traveled far and wide to put on the lunch time show for our incredible customers. Pork Butts, briskets, and condiments were a flyin’!

Our success is due in great part to all of our valued customers and vendors attending in each location to make it a huge hit. We thank each and every one of you for your participation and look forward to all of our continued success!

Stayed tuned to this channel for further breaking news….there is not much telling what All-Tex Supply is “cooking” up next!


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